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What is Simple IP Config?

Simple IP Config is a small, portable ip changer utility that allows a user to quickly and easily change the most common network settings on a Windows machine for any network connection. It also displays the current network information for the selected adapter. The program is set up with an interface similar to the built-in Windows network configuration screen; however, Simple IP Config offers many more features without the burden of clicking through endless windows. The ease of use comes from the many subtle details going on behind the scenes, such as keyboard shortcuts for almost any action. Apply the new settings with the press of the ENTER key. When you are done configuring the settings, you can send the program to the system tray to use later.


  • Change network settings
  • Display current network settings
  • Portable - no installation required - run from USB
  • Small size - Less than 1MB!
  • Easily save and switch between unlimited profiles
  • Keyboard shortcuts for virtually any task
  • Send to tray for later use

Change Log

v2.8 MAJOR CHANGES: Now using IP Helper API (Iphlpapi.dll) instead of WMI Speed improvements -> 2x faster! MINOR CHANGES: Automatically fill in for subnet Save last window position on exit Smaller exe file size Popup window positioning follows main window Allow more space for current properties Smoother startup process Get current information from disconnected adapters BUG FIXES: IP address entry text scaling Fixed 'start in system tray' setting Fixed starting without toolbar icons Display disabled adapters Get current properties from disabled adapters Disabled adapters behavior Fixed hanging on setting profiles Fixed renaming/creating profiles issues v2.7 MAJOR CHANGES: Code switched back to AutoIt Proper DPI scaling NEW FEATURES: Enable DNS address registration Hide unused adapters(View->Hide adapters) Display computer name and domain address OTHER CHANGES: Single click to restore from system tray Improved status bar Allow only 1 instance to run BUG FIXES: Proper scaling with larger/smaller screen fonts Fixed tooltip in system tray v2.6 NEW FEATURES: Filter Profiles! 'Start in System Tray' setting Release / renew DHCP tool 'Saveas' button is now 'New' button OTHER CHANGES: Enhanced 'Rename' interface New layout to show more profiles Other GUI enhancements BUG FIXES: Detect no IP address / subnet input Fix DNS error occurring on some systems Better detection of duplicate profile names